Neev Academy was founded as a city centre IB school to move beyond the tyranny of either/or to both/and – academic rigor and inquiry, skills and opinions, sciences and arts, sports and nature, strong identity and global outlook – to nurture both discipline and creativity. We recognise that knowledge today extends far beyond textbooks. Our program explores global and local issues through field trips, enquiry, and research. For this the school – serving as a porous nerve centre with people and information flowing in and out – must partner with the community for the learning and development of our children.

When poet W.B Yeats said ‘Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire’, we believe he was referring to a lifelong love of reading. Learn to read and read to learn is a core value espoused by Neev and our students. The Neev Literature Festival is our first endeavour to engage with the larger Bangalore Community and to embrace literature for the benefit of all.

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