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    Timmi in Tangles by: Shals Mahajan


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    The Heart and the Bottle by: Oliver Jeffers

    Once there was a girl whose life was filled with wonder at the world around her. Then one day something happened that made the girl take her heart and put it in a safe place. However, after that, it seemed that the world was emptier than before. But would she know how to get her heart back? In this deeply moving story, the author Oliver Jeffers deals with the weighty themes of love and loss with an extraordinary lightness of touch and shows s, ultimately, that there is always hope.

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    Who’s a Big Bully Then? by: Michael Morpurgo

    How do see off the school bully? Sick of being picked on and called ‘chicken’ the narrator of this story thinks up a dare to show up Darren Bishop, the school bully. A farm boy himself he is quite at home with the big bully Olly and he dares Darren to come up close too. When Darren Bishop flees from the field his bullying days are over but there’s a twist in the tale…Is anyone really safe from the bully? A gripping story with a surprising ending.

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    Short by: Holly Goldberg Sloan

    Julia is very short for her age, but by the end of the summer run of The Wizard of Oz, she’ll realize how big she is inside, where it counts. She hasn’t ever thought of herself as a performer, but when the wonderful director of Oz casts her as a Munchkin, she begins to see herself in a new way. As Julia becomes friendly with the poised and wise Olive—one of the adults with dwarfism who’ve joined the production’s motley crew of Munchkins—and with her deeply artistic neighbour, Mrs Chang, Julia’s own sense of self as an artist grows. Soon, she doesn’t want to fade into the background—and it’s a good thing because her director has more big plans for Julia!

    Bubbling over with humour and tenderness, this is an irresistible story of self-discovery and of the role models who forever change us.

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    Dhanak: Rainbow by: Nagesh Kukunoor, Anushka Ravishankar,

    Chotu is blind, but it doesn’t bother him much. His sister Pari helps him with everything. Besides, she’s promised him she’ll get him his eyesight back before his ninth birthday. And that’s just a couple of months away! Pari is worried. How will she keep her promise? When she sees a poster with Shahrukh Khan, her hero, saying ‘Donate your eyes’, she writes to him, asking him to help Chotu. And then she hears that Shahrukh is in Rajasthan for a shooting! So Pari and Chotu set off on a road trip to meet Shahrukh and get Chotu’s eyesight back. Through adventure and misadventure and aided and hindered by a cast of bizarre, friendly, colourful and hostile people, the two children traverse across the desert to try to make their dream come true.

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    The Little Ninja Sparrows by:

    I don’t want to learn how to fly!” he said stubbornly, crouching low in the nest, remembering how his tummy had churned when he had looked down. “Not now, not ever!…I’m going to be the world’s first and only flightless sparrow!

    Chiddy and Gouri, two baby sparrows, are bullied mercilessly by their elderly siblings. They are so traumatized that they absolutely refuse to learn how to fly. Instead, they run away, kindly assisted by Breaking Wind – a jovial breeze. But they quickly discover that the world is an unkind place; they are trapped, dyed red, caged and sold off.

    A kind girl frees them, but the sparrows – still red and flightless – end up on the ‘hit list’ of the local cat mafia. From there, how do the timid little birds become the feared ninja sparrows? Will they be able to defeat the evil Siamese cats Ping-Li and Pong-La? Will they ever be able to return to their families? And will they finally realize that being a bird means being able to fly free?

    In this delightful book, Ranjit Lal reveals the incredible drama that flourishes among bird and animal lives in the gardens and parks all around us. Clever, funny and full of non-stop adventure, The Little Ninja Sparrows is about finding your true place in the world – whether human or sparrow.

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    Old Yeller by: Fred Gipson

    A wily stray, Old Yeller helps Travis and his family stay safe from the many dangers of the wild Texas frontier in this heartwarming tale of the Old West.
    The stray dog was ugly, and a thieving rascal, too. But he sure was clever; and a smart dog could be a big help on the wild Texas frontier, especially with Papa away on a long cattle drive up to Abilene.

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    The Book of Rule: How the World is Governed by: D.K

    Providing a clear, comprehensive and colorful guide to how the world is governed both in theory and practiceThe Book of Rule examines the governments of all the world’s nations — from major powers to the newest developing countries, from democracies to dictatorships — and shows exactly how power is exercised in each. In addition to profiling national governments, The Book of Rule also explains the general principles behind today’s political systems and charts the evolution of governments from ancient times to the present.

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    The House That Spoke by: Zuni Chopra

    Fourteen-year-old Zoom Razdan has always known that there is something extraordinary about her house, which is an inextricably a part of her life as what’s left of her torn, frayed family.

    Now, just before her fifteenth birthday, she finds that she has inherited not just her beloved house’s grim secrets but also a battle with an ancient, deadly force of darkness.

    Lush and evocative, The House That Spoke is a kaleidoscopic tale that reimagines Kashmir with the colours of magic and is sure to leave you spellbound.

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    Longbow Girl by: Linda Davies
    Longbow Girl by Linda Davies
    Set in the wilds of the Welsh mountains, the brave and beautiful longbow girl, Merry Owen, discovers a river that takes her back in time to the autocratic kingdom of King Henry VIII. While there she finds she must compete in an archery tournament to save her ancestors’ land from being seized by their aristocratic neighbours the De Courcys. Merry’s best friend James de Courcy (and heir to the de Courcy wealth) follows her back in time and the two get tangled up in their families’ ancient histories. There are forces working against them both in the past and the present. Will they be able to survive their pasts to save their futures?