Henry Eliot – November 22nd, 2018

Henry Eliot is an accomplished author of book titles, ‘Follow This Thread, a beautifully designed book that explores the history and psychology of mazes, and Curiocity (with Matt Lloyd-Rose), an alternative A-Z of London, to name a few. The session at Neev was a part of the initiative by Penguin Random House India who are hosting The Great PRH Classics Festival through the month of November across five cities in India.

The session, The Literary Quest, attempted to bring the wonders of the Classics to the younger generation. He spoke about a selection of favourite children’s books; how a book gets made; what ‘makes’ a classic; the history of Penguin and its classic series; and a tour of the greatest and/or more unusual authors from the history of literature.

Clive Pig – November 10th, 2017

Clive Pig is a storyteller, songsta, performance poet. He lives on Dartmoor in Devon with his wife, two sons, three chickens, four bicycles, five guitars, sixty-six shoe boxes of all sorts, seven stamp albums, eight puppets, nine recorders, ten table tennis bats.

Several times a day he stares out of the window and jots down a few words in his notebook and later taps a lot more into his electronic gizmo. Every so often, if he can manage to get out of the house without tripping over the chickens, he likes nothing better than to take his words off the page and put them on the stage.

He’s sung songs in America and told tales in Asia. He performs at the Glastonbury Festival and has been the Bard of Exeter.

As well as appearing at festivals and theatres, Clive entertains in schools, prisons and old people’s homes. Once he put on a puppet show in the cougars’ cage in a Cornish zoo. Clive PiG’s unique storytelling style is theatrical and interactive, combining music and song, rhythm and rhyme to enchant audiences of all ages.

Nayanika Mahtani – July 27th, 2017

Nayanika Mahtani finds that she is an author of children’s books.  Which, she also finds, is quite a fun thing to be.

​Nayanika’s debut novel, Ambushed, an adventure set in tiger territory in the Himalayan foothills, was published by Puffin in April 2015. All royalties from Ambushed go towards a school for the children of former poachers, to give them a window to alternate livelihoods.

Her next book is The Gory Story of Genghis Khan a.k.a. Don’t Mess with the Mongols. It is not a sequel to Ambushed because Genghis Khan wanted a book all to himself. And Nayanika has learnt not to mess with him.

Her session at Neev was all about ‘The Gory Story of Genghis Khan a.k.a. Don’t Mess with the Mongols. Deep discussions on Did the Mongols really drink blood? What was the one thing that made the might Genghis Khan tremble in his boots? Why did Mongol soldiers wear silk underwear and leather soaked in horse wee?

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